In Resonance With The Essence Of The Being

Humans are now increasingly becoming more receptive to the vibration of our animal helpers − a connection to the frequency of newly awakened energetic sources.


Animal Spirit Healing

Our animal spirit helpers know better and more precisely when we are ready for something and how they can reach us

I have had always a deep connection to animals. Growing up in rural southern Germany I spent most of my time in nature with a keen interest in studying wildlife. On my uncle's ranch I often witnessed birth and death of animals. Later as a visual artist I developed an interest in portraying birds, particularly birds of prey.

In 2008 I survived a severe car accident and developed symptoms of post traumatic stress. I refused to take pills and instead got treatment from indigenous shamans and medicine people in their various natural healing traditions. In 2012 I became an initiate to the Amazonian Frog Spirit Medicine called Kambô. What followed was a deep connection to Kampú, the shamanic frog spirit.


My unity with beings of the animal realm has brought upon a strong alliance of spiritual forces

Letting you in on my connection to Kampú