Evolving from creativity to the magical arts

For over a decade (1997 – 2009) I realised myself in various fields of the arts. My work as a professional visual artist has resulted in a collection of portraits and images which I now in hindsight see as a path to a deeper self-knowledge through the mirror of the people and subjects I was prestiged to encounter with my camera.

My artistic career was interupted in January 2008 by an out-of-body near death experience during a severe car accident on a rural road in Northern Ireland, where I was living and working at that time. I survived without a scratch, but life was not the same as before. Due to the shock experience in the accident I developed a high sensitivity and my life took a direction towards continuous initiation and guidance from the spiritual realm.


On the spiritual path with primal forces we tend to accumulate initiatory names. They change, expand, multiply, etc. Within this system, we use different names for different levels of attainment.

I do not believe in the concept of Karma... or any other religious guilt burden. In a matter of fact, I question all belief systems! I go my own initiatory path and accomplish personal inner awakenings to the phenomena of life. The results I rarely discuss; I rather implement them into artistic metaphors. Through my work I aim to utterly promote total individualism and originality. Within the scope of this creative and initiatory work, I am going to use »XAMON« as my handle and employ the use of the sigil of »XAMONUS«.

The Sigil Of XAMONUS


A Short Manifesto

I am an advocate of creativity, ingenuity and inventiveness. I give attention, passion and love to those people and things of which I alone decide that they deserve it. I go my own way and elude the herd. I adopt the initiatory name divulged to me and therefore henceforth shall be known as »XAMON« alias »XAMONUS RASOKOV«