The «DEEP CALL» encourages us to go beyond the limits of our own perception and dive into the hidden depths of our psyche.


The "TRANSPERSONAL DEEP CALL" is an invitation to a shared journey of personal transformation for those who are in the midst of a change process or are actively working on their personal development.

In a world where human existence is characterized by a constant striving for growth and change, the essence of our existence lies in constantly reinventing ourselves and growing beyond the boundaries of our previous selves. Ancient cultures and indigenous peoples have developed rituals and teachings to support people on their path to self-transcendence. These traditions taught that the impossible is possible when one unleashes the powers of the mind and soul and connects with intuitive knowledge.

The "DEEP CALL" embodies a modern form of this initiatic journey. It encourages participants to transcend the limits of their own perception and delve into the hidden depths of their psyche. It requires courage and invites people to cross their own boundaries and embrace the unknown. It is therefore not only a place of insight, but also of empowerment and in this respect a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual development.

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