El Hablador - Alchemist of the Psyche

The Hablador is an artist, an alchemist, a mystic and a shaman - a master of "telling". He does not tell what is already known, he does not show what has already been seen, he does not explain what has already been understood. In the words of the indigenous peoples of the Andes, he is the one who "opens the ways". He opens up new possibilities of being for the viewer; of being in the world, of being in the moment. His art is not only verbal, it is a visual, sonic and energetic experience. It is a journey to the core of the soul, a journey into the depths of the collective unconscious, the source of creation.

The hablador is a master of the spoken word, a poet, a sage and a trickster. He is the living embodiment of the ancient tradition of the orator, the teacher and the joker. He is not here to preach or lecture, but to create a space, a space of possibility and potential. He is not here to give us answers, but to ask us questions, questions that help us explore our inner world, our outer world and the world of the collective unconscious. He is here to challenge us and encourage us to be creative, to expand our thinking and to become more than we are.

The hablador is an explorer of the soul, an alchemist of the psyche. He is here to sensitise us to the possibilities of the moment, to show us that the world is more than what it seems, and to open our eyes and minds to the beauty and mystery of the unknown. He is here to remind us that the world is a canvas waiting to be painted and that through the power of "telling" we can shape our own destiny. In summary, the Hablador is a powerful force of change in our society. He is the one who leads us to the places where language fails and the secrets of the universe are revealed.

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