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«Initiated mystical adepts behold the most brilliant and glorious aspects of the spiritual quest, leveling for progress to new horizons of knowledge and truth.»

«By a grace of life, I survived a serious car accident in which I had an out-of-body near-death experience. When I then learned, through the help of indigenous healers and medicine people, to classify the consequences of this event, an infinite process of initiations and clearing of the mind began. Today I stand in the gray area between light and darkness, knowing that there are no shortcuts on a straight path, only tangled detours.»

Armin Ra beholds a connectedness and ability that enables him to transfer and integrate non-dogmatic spiritual knowledge into existing therapeutic systems in the form of an intuitive, individual starting point. The basis of this work is his research in Transpersonal Psychology, which he ideologically bases on oriental mysticism, as well as Vedic and indigenous healing traditions.

About Xamonus

On the path of self-knowledge and within my arts practice I have had many names in my life. Today you can call me Armin Ælfræd Ra alias «XAMONUS» – Alfred, the passed-on name of my grandfather, was given to me at the time of my birth and in its Anglo-Saxon origin stands for «counsellor of elves». Names serve as a handle in the objective universe to connect one to certain aspects of a persona or sometimes social status (Nomen atque omen). Australian Aborigines do not know their age and do not celebrate birthdays. Instead they aquire a new name following a maturation event in their lifes. XAMONUS is my initiatory name, which I have attained through my practice, of which I want to tell you here.

Growing up in rural southern Germany I spent most of my time in nature with a keen interest in studying wildlife. On my uncle's ranch I often witnessed birth and death of animals and began pondering about the deeper meaning of existence and how to design my own life. If we understand the purpose of our past we can learn to step into the future without letting our experiences become obstacles. The importance of pairing the quest to self-knowledge with creative expression becomes the intrinsic motor, which allows the coming forth of initiations. Only a free spirit can act out creativity; the unfree one merely functions on alien programmes. Therefore: Do you still believe in Karma?

«The forces I employ do not ask for "Karma", they are significantly stronger than all of our problems and worries.»

My techniques are derived from age-old oriental mystical traditions and my instrument is «The SIGIL Of XAMON», serving as the secret vault and the access key concurrently.